Make Poker Chips and Table and Enjoy Poker Game

Many poker players that became professionals in online casino want to play this game with live people. But real game needs real accessories. The main of them are chips and cards. Real chips are made of clay, plastic or ceramics. Also they differ according to color, size and diameter and have different weight and thickness. But everyone can make poker chips if have desire and some free time. For this you will need plastic tokens of different colors. Some players use simple coins dividing them according to nominal.

If you want to play poker at real poker table you have three variants: go to casino and play here for real money, buy a poker table in online shop but it is really expensive or make poker table and enjoy your favorite game for free in the comfortable atmosphere of your own home. Of course it is not as easy as to make poker chips. You will need special materials and instruments. But in this case you can do any table you want. Find suitable design and drawing on the Internet. Buy all the necessary material and make a poker table according to your taste. It is the cheapest way to make poker casino at home for you friends and take part in your own tournaments any time you like.